Dr. Sanaa Ragaee

Dr. Sanaa RagaeeSanaa is an Adjunct Professor and research associate in the Department of Food Science who has worked with OCIRC since 2008. Her areas of expertise are product development, functional foods, and bioactive components. She is highly skilled in the fields of grain chemistry and biochemistry with a range of projects that include investigating the effects of processing on bioactive components in cereal products, the functionality of different prebiotics on the shelf life and quality of frozen dough, and developing high quality gluten-free products and high fiber functional wheat products.

Dr. Lisa Duizer

Lisa DuizerLisa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph. She is a sensory scientist and has worked collaboratively with OCIRC since 2009. Lisa has studied the relations between phenolic content, sensory perception and consumer liking of whole grain breads and crackers made with red or white wheat. She has also studied the effects of whole grain wheat addition to sensory perceptions of pasta as well as the effect of sodium reduction of cheese sauce on consumer liking of whole grain macaroni and cheese.


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