Market Value Chain

OCIRC represents members from all sectors of the Ontario cereal grain market value chain and focuses on fostering research and innovation to benefit the entire industry. The pictorial above depicts the major sectors of the market value chain with a short description of their function and interconnection.

The upstream side of the value chain starts with geneticists and breeders who focus on developing new varieties of grain best suited for Ontario growing conditions.

  1. Geneticist
  2. Seed Company
  3. Growers
  4. Storage
  5. Mill
  6. Processor
  7. Retailer
  8. Consumer
Geneticists are the first step in the Market Value Chain
Breeders and geneticists release these new varieties to seed companies.
Seed Companies are the second step in the Market Chain
The seed companies then make them available to growers for commercial crop production.
Growers are the third step in the Market Value Chain
Growers strive to optimize their agronomic management practices to achieve the best production value, environmental impact, and grain quality.
Storage Facilities are the fourth step in the Market Value Chain
The downstream side the value chain starts with elevators who buy grain from the growers and sell it to millers.
Millers are the fifth step in the Market Value Chain
Millers grind the grain into flour and other products, striving to produce high quality flours with consistent performance.
Processors are the sixth Market Value Chain
The flour is then shipped to food processors who convert it into a variety of products. Wheat products can include bread, pasta, crackers, and cookies, whereas oats may go into cereal bars, corn to breakfast cereal, and barley to malt beverages.
Retailers are the seventh step in the Market Value Chain
Food processors ship the final food products to retailers and foodservice providers where it is purchased by consumers.
Consumers are the last step in the Market Value Chain
Consumers can enjoy then enjoy the foods on premise or take them home and incorporate them into a meal with family and friends.
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