AgriInnovation Program (AIP)

Accelerating innovation in winter wheat applications through protein conformation research: Driving growth and increasing the competitive strength of Canada's cereal based value chain.

Research on winter wheat has not been on par with resources devoted to western spring wheat, on breeding, agronomics, genetics or quality. Recent evidence suggests that our understanding of western spring wheat does not explain the behaviour and properties of eastern winter wheat, leaving a need for a systematic investigation of eastern winter wheat, especially soft winter wheat. The results of this project, when integrated, should provide the basis for a working model describing winter wheat gluten quality and functionality. This model should allow breeders, growers, millers and processors to better target and accelerate innovation in winter wheat applications based on their diverse needs. In specific, breeders will be better able to identify and stabilize quality factors in new lines and varieties of winter wheat. Growers will benefit from increased utilization of eastern winter wheat in value-added products rather than as a general blending wheat. Millers and processors will benefit from better quality and consistency in eastern winter wheat as well as an improved knowledge base from which to develop innovative solutions to current industry issues.

Total funding: $844,546

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